Crossfire Arms FAQs

How Do I Purchase a Firearm Online?
Buying a firearm online is a simple process.  
    • Find the gun you want You pay Crossfire Arms, LLC™ directly for the firearm.
    • Choose your FFL dealer (Federal Firearms Licensee): We cannot ship a gun direct to you, we do ship to the local FFL dealer of your choice. Any legitimate gun store or gun dealer has an FFL license; pawn shops and collectors may also have them.
    • Pick up your gun: Inspect your gun before accepting the transfer. If you are not happy for any reason leave the gun at the dealer.

How do I arrange a shipment and transfer?
Here is how to arrange a shipment and transfer:
    • Find a licensed FFL dealer in your area.
    • Contact the dealer and let them know you would like to receive a firearm for transfer from Crossfire Arms LLC™
    • Be sure to ask about their FFL transfer fee, commonly around $25 but varies by location/Dealer.
    • If you agree to their fee, arrange the transfer with your FFL dealer. (We do not arrange the transfer)
    • Provide your dealer with our email address or fax number where they can send a copy of their FFL.(if not already on file)
    • Once you have selected an FFL for your transfer, please indicate the dealers name (name on the FFL) on your order so we know where to ship your firearm.
Once the firearm is ready to be picked up at your FFL, Please INSPECT THE FIREARM THOROUGHLY to make sure it is exactly what you ordered and that there are no defects with the firearm. If there are any problems whatsoever, DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER !!  

Once you accept transfer, the gun is considered used and must be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement. Crossfire Arms, LLC™ will NOT accept any returns on firearms that have been transferred.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Can you ship my firearm direct to me at my home or office?
As stated above no, all firearms must be shipped to a verified FFL (Federal Firearm License) holder.

What is an FFL?
A "FFL" is a Federal Firearm License.  There are currently over 58,000 FFL holders nationwide.  FFL holders are commonly gun stores, pawn shops, and retail sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold a FFL.  All firearms sold to individuals online must be shipped to a local FFL holder who will then transfer the firearm (via ATF form 4473 and associated background check) to the individual.

How do I know if I can legally purchase a firearm?
Before you're able to take possession of your firearm from your dealer you'll be required to pass a background check. This is a fairly simple process. You'll fill out the below form and your dealer will call the information in to FBI NICS. Typically, while your dealer is on the phone he'll receive one of the following responses - approved, delayed, or denied. Please check your state and local regulations as well, several states/locals have additional requirements.

Do you accept PayPal?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept PayPal. PayPal refuses to process payments for firearms or ammunition. Per their web site:

"We don’t allow PayPal members to buy or sell any kind of firearm, whether it’s in working order or not. The same goes for certain firearm parts and ammunition.

For example, using PayPal, you can’t buy or sell:
    • Any firearm, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they’re for sport and recreation, collectibles, or curio or relic firearms.
    • Firearm parts, including but not limited to receivers and frames, silencers, and kits designed to modify guns so that they fire automatically. High capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers are other items in this category.
    • Ammunition, including propellants like gunpowder or blank ammunition; ammunition or cartridge cases; and primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm.”

I just received my new gun. It looks as if it's been fired, why is that?
Many new firearms are test fired at the factory. You may notice residual powder, rotation marks on revolver cylinders, residual cosmoline which sometimes appears to look like rust, etc. All firearms sold as "new" are in fact new in box as received from the manufacturer or distributor and include new manufacturers exceptions.

Any used, factory recertified, certified pre-owned, show guns, or guns in any other condition than new in box will be clearly marked as such on the website.

What is M.A.P. Pricing?
M.A.P. - Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

Some manufacturers (such as Glock, FN, Sig Sauer and others) have a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy that we are contractually required to not "advertise" their product below a specific price. This is a required contract with these suppliers for us to resell their products.  Currently no mechanism to display the correct discounted pricing in the open on our website within the constraints of our agreement with these manufacturers, we ask that you call or email us for pricing on product lines that have MAP pricing.

Do you Ship Outside the United States?
We do not ship outside the 50 United States. We do not ship to freight forwarding companies in the U.S. We strictly adhere to ITAR regulations.

Is my Credit Card Safe if I use it on your website?
Yes. We do not store your credit card information in our database. We cannot access your card details.

Do you charge Sales Tax?
We only charge Sales tax for shipping addresses within Vermont

I am Local, can I pick up my order?
Yes, we offer pick up hours by appointment.  Please call ahead (802-342-8497)

Can I order High Capacity Magazines?
Please check your state and local laws for magazines restrictions. Here is a general list for your reference.  It is not to be taken as a complete list.
    • Hawaii: No handgun magazine above 10 rounds.
    • Maryland: No magazine above 10 rounds.
    • Massachusetts: No magazine above 10 rounds.
    • New Jersey: No magazine above 15 rounds.
    • New York: No magazine above 10 rounds.
    • Washington DC: No magazine above 10 rounds.
    • Aurora, IL: No magazine above 15 rounds.
    • Oak Park, IL: No magazine above 10 rounds.
    • South Bend, IN: No magazine above 15 rounds.
    • Colorado: No magazine above 15 rounds.
    • Connecticut: No magazine above 10 rounds.
    • California: No magazine above 10 rounds.

How To Purchase NFA Title II (“Class 3”) Items
National Firearms Act (NFA), Title II (Class III) items commonly available for purchase include selectfire machine guns (“full auto”) manufactured before 19 May 1986 (including certain parts for these firearms), short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors (“silencers”) and any part comprising a suppressor, and a selection of firearms identified as Any Other Weapons (AOW). So-called “Destructive Devices” are also NFA items, but not commonly available to purchase. For more information on AOW firearms, please refer to the following link:

Who may Purchase an NFA Item?
Where permitted, purchase and ownership of Title II firearms and suppressors is available to Individuals, Corporations, and Trusts. Which entity you choose in order to complete the paperwork for Title II purchases is up to you, but we recommend getting qualified advice from a knowledgeable source, such as an attorney who is well-versed in NFA law. We can report that many people are utilizing Trusts, but if you use a trust, be certain your trust does not violate the NFA

Registration using a “Trust”
    • Set up your trust
    • Purchase your suppressor online at
    • Fill out your Form 4 and Mail in your $200 payment to ATF
It will cost approximately $100 more to buy using the trust method, but it can save a bit of time and provide a great deal more flexibility than an individually registered suppressor. There are many advantages to using a trust for registering a suppressor.  Some of these advantages include:
    • more than one person (family or friends) can legally use the suppressor if they are listed on the trust
    • one trust can be used for multiple suppressors
    • trusts can be modified to add or remove people without approval from the ATF
    • most importantly you DO NOT have to get fingerprint cards or your county's Chief Law Enforcement Officer to sign off on the purchase.  These benefits will save a lot of time and hassle down the road.
There are many places you can go online or locally to download a Trust to be used for registering your suppressor. Remember Cheaper isn’t always better!  

Registration to an individual
    • Purchase your suppressor online at
    • Fill out Form 4 and $200 payment for ATF
    • Obtain 2 Passport Photos
    • Obtain Chief Law Enforcement Officer Sign Off
(Must be in the county you are a resident in)
    • Two copies of fingerprint cards (FBI form FD-258)
    • Complete Certificate of Compliance – ATF Form 5330.20
This is a less expensive method for registering your suppressor since you will not have to pay the $100 for a trust to be set up. However, you will be the sole owner of the suppressor and will have to be present any time the suppressor is being used (this includes your spouse and kids). In addition you will have to complete several additional steps (Steps 3 – 6 above) that you do not have to complete if you opt to register your suppressor using a trust.

How Much Does it cost to purchase an NFA item?
An individual purchasing an existing NFA item--other than an AOW item--is required to pay a one-time, $200 transfer tax to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in addition to the purchase price of the item and the receiving dealer's transfer fee. The AOW firearms transfer tax is only five dollars, plus the purchase price of the item and the receiving dealer's transfer fee. Should the item be transferred to another person in the future, a separate transfer tax must be paid at that time by the new prospective owner.

Am I eligible to own a suppressor or Short barreled rifle?
If you are 21 years old or older AND able to legally posses a firearm then you should be eligible to purchase a suppressor. This also assumes you have verified it is legal to own in your State and County.

Is it legal to own a suppressor in my State?
Suppressor ownership and hunting with a suppressor is legal in most States. Please reference the map, provided by the American Suppressor Association, below to see if suppressors are legal in your State. This map is for reference and you should be sure to check your State and County laws before making any suppressor purchase.

How long is the wait to buy a NFA Item?
Wait times will vary throughout the year but can be anywhere from 3-6 months. Once you submit your paperwork you will be able to contact the ATF to inquire about the status of your paperwork. Just keep in mind this is a government process that is out of all of our control and you will need to be patient. As they have told us in the past, “It will be ready when it is ready”

Do you offer a Law Enforcement / Military Discount?
We appreciate the Men & Women who serve our Country.  In an effort to give back to those who sacrifice so much, we offer a Active Duty LEO and Active Duty Miltary Discount.  Because We are working with small margins on many items, further discounts are not feasible. Please contact us with any questions.